Using virtual health services to transform health care in Australia

 What is CollabCare?

CollabCare is aimed at changing the way we look at care coordination and delivery for patients. We create digitally-centered solutions that reduce pain points, increase efficiency and expand patient access for many healthcare markets. Each service we provide leverages the latest virtual care delivery and streamlines the distribution of care to a patients compelte care network, whether it be their clinician, carer or family members.

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 The Challenges of an Aging Population

It's no secret that the population in Australia is aging. Today 1 in 7 people, or roughly 4 million in the country are 65 or older. Although Australians now enjoy one of the greatest life expentencies in the world, such an increase is expected to have a serious fincial affect on the country. At CollabCare we recognise that something must be done to cope with the expected economic stress that an ageing population brings.

We have spent years analysing the workflows of existing health care areas and have created service modals that can benefit from a virtualised approach. Each service has been designed to reduce traditional pen and paper methods and instead utilise the latest in digital technology. Our goal is to lower service costs, increase efficiency and the quality of care delivery, and enable information access required for health carers and family involved in a patients case. We believe modernising health care is the future of Autralia, and by doing so health care teams can focus on the real task of providing care to everyday Australians.

Our Services

We provide a range of services in a number of health care areas. New services are planned for release soon.

CollabCare Telehealth

Wound data is often difficult to accurately capture and structure for proper care planning purposes. The CollabCare Wounds app can be used to capture an image, input relevant case details, analyse the imagery for surface area and tissue type and track progress.

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CollabCare Wound Management

Wound specialists can be difficult to access due to availability, distance or patient immobility. Using the CollabCare Wounds app, cases with images can be securely shared with a team of highly qualified wound specialists for expert advice or video consultation.

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CollabCare Dementia

The CollabCare Wounds app has a clinically-reviewed decision support tool that provides treatment options for specific treatments based on the type and characteristics of the specific wound. In addition, relevant education, videos and links are provided at your fingertips.

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What sets CollabCare apart?

We have years of experience in delivering online health solutions to a variety of health providers.
Each service we offer has been designed with a strong emphasis on the following areas.

  Modular Workflows

Workflows in the healthcare environment vary as much as each service delivery approach. We have built a modular platform for telehealth that allows for your unique delivery model.

  Health-centric Features

Features need to reflect the unique needs of both patients, providers and service organisations. Our services are jam-packed with features that are relevant to real-life use cases.

  Enhanced Connectivity

Healthcare is required in every community, not only in the major metros but also in rural and remote areas. All services have been designed to support the widest range of bandwidth connections.

  Cross-platform Support

Different connection technologies are required for hospitals, clinics and patients. We ensure our services can be accessed through multiple platforms using a single interface.

  Security and Privacy

Health security and privacy has been, and always will be part of our DNA. As concerns around proper information management and data privacy becomes more prevalent, we fully support and exceed all regulatory security frameworks.

  Service Level Maintenance

For those that require service levels to be monitored and maintained, we provide full control and auditing of service availability and automated, real-time notifications for fall-back.

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