About CollabCare

  Our Experience

The team behind CollabCare have been in the health service delivery business for over a decade. We have brought together a team of clinical, industry and technology experts and have vast experience in successfully delivering innovative health solutions for clinics, hosptials and aged care. We have always felt passionately about creating solutions that address the fragmentation and major issues faced by the current healthcare system.

  The CollabCare Philosophy

We understand that not one health delivery service or clinician operates exactly the same way. With this in mind, we create our solutions from the bottom up to allow users to select and incorporate their own set of tools. This enables them to deliver their own customized telehealth approach and to assist the current health services to run more efficiently, as well as connecting more people inside and outside the clinical team when caring for an individual.

CollabCare platforms integrate into existing workflows and software through flexible alignment mechanisms and integration points. We’ve made sure that this process is easy to use and seamless to adopt. We believe successful telehealth is not a different way of working, it’s a more effective and efficient of providing health care to the community.

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