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What is CollabCare Wounds?

CollabCare Wounds is aimed at changing the way we look at wound care. We believe everyone deserves the right to have expert advice and support through their healing process. CollabCare Wounds does this by providing tools that enable proactive wound management leading to better healing outcomes.

The Existing Problem

Wounds are a hidden epidemic. The scale of the wound problem is huge, and does not receive nearly enough focus, support or funding. Not only does this issue affect those who have experienced a traumatic injury or surgery, but is vastly more prevalent amongst the elderly and those with limited access to support. The effects of improper wound management have a huge impact on cost, positive outcomes and quality of life.

1. Wasted Cost

Every year billions of dollars are spent on wound care in the acute, primary settings and residential aged care settings. Studies have shown that much of this cost is due to inefficiency and waste.

2. Reduced Complications

Wound deterioration and related mortality is almost always avoidable when evidence-based care is provided. This approach reduces complications and overall treatment times.

3. Avoidable Suffering

Most importantly is the effect wounds can have on the patient. Those with wounds also suffer from extreme chronic pain, immobility, social isolation, recurrent wounds sometimes resulting in amputation or death.

Our Solution

We create solutions for the acute and primary care settings that focus on supporting structured data capture, improved access to services and education and advice to clinicians, carers and patients. Major components of our solution include:

Advanced Data Capture

Wound data is often difficult to accurately capture and structure for proper care planning purposes. The CollabCare Wounds app can be used to input relevant case details, capture a 3D image, analyse imagery for surface area, depth and tissue type, track healing progression and full reportability.

More Specialist Access

Wound specialists can be difficult to access due to availability, distance or patient immobility. Using the CollabCare Wounds app, cases with images can be securely shared with a team of highly qualified wound specialists for expert advice or video consultation.

Education & Advice

The CollabCare Wounds app has a clinically-reviewed decision support tool that provides treatment options for specific treatments based on the type and characteristics of the specific wound. In addition, relevant education, videos and links are provided at your fingertips.

How does it work?

CollabCare Wounds has the flexibility to be used in a variety of care settings and clinical scenarios.
Below is a case story that illustrates how our solution supports a positive healing outcome.

Angela's Story

1. Identify Angela is a 75 year old aged care resident in Victoria. The local nurse noticed a wound that she thinks could be a pressure injury.
2. Record Using the CollabCare Wounds application, the nurse creates a new case for Angela, takes a picture of the affected area, and inputs details of the wound.
3. Analyse The case is securely uploaded for analysis and detailed information regarding surface area, tissue status and possible treatment options is provided.
4. Connect The nurse feels as though she needs some additional confirmation and advice so sends the case file securely to a nominated Wound Care Specialist.
5. Evaluate The specialist confirms the recommendation and suggests she follow-up on a weekly basis.
6. Monitor The nurse, supported by the Wound Specialist, continues to upload images, track and monitor through the application on a weekly basis until recovery.

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