Supporting outpatient care with digital monitoring

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What is CarePath?

CarePath consists of a simple, digitally-delivered questionnaire to gather patient-reported symptoms and other health data through regularly prompted check-ins from individuals concerned about their health. Based on the answeres to the questionnaire, the App provides personalised media-rich content to the user along with appropriate instructions and recommended actions.

How does it work?

Web-based portal access allows a team of care managers to monitor the cohort of individuals with automated risk-stratification based upon a scoring algorithm. At-risk patients are flagged for further follow-up or triaging. Secure chat and video conferencing allow for continuous communication to track progress and provide direct (virtual) support as needed.

The CarePath Model

The CarePath model of care provides a unique and scalable way for patients and health service providers to stay in touch anywhere, anytime!

CarePath Use Cases

The flexibility of the CarePath model can be applied to a wide variety of health related use cases.

Post-Surgery Monitoring & Support

Mental Health Advice & Support

Childhood Asthma Management

Coronavirus At-Home Care

Coronavirus In-Facility Monitoring

The Benefits

The CarePath model has been successfully delivered in a number of care settings to deliver measurable outcomes for both patients and health service providers.

Patient Support

Allows you to self-monitor at home and directing to further services only as clinically required.

Remote Support

Enables area care managers, local GP clinics and individual clinicians to monitor at-risk patients offer remote support.

Risk Stratification

Identify clients that may be at higher risk due to underlying health, lifestyle or environmental factors.

Proactive Tracking

Proactively track a patient’s progress and severity level for early detection and intervention.

Stepped-care Triaging

Use stepped-care delivery and automated triaging to care managers ensures for efficient resource allocation for those with the greatest need.

Scalable Delivery

Offer a far more scalable and sustainable than alternative in-bound/out-bound phone or text-based monitoring alternatives.

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